Unique diamond engagement ring: Some superb pieces that stand out distinctly

Posted by SharonEvans on January 8th, 2014

A ring is a symbol of love because it signifies continuity as a circlet has no start, no end. What can be a better way of adorning a love band than with a solid diamond? Diamond rings are considered to be a symbol of love and truth, both of which are invaluable in the life of people who prize them. A unique diamond engagement ring that stands for the vows of the wedding is the best present a woman can receive and hold close to her heart until she finds a reason to part from it. Unique diamond engagement ring settings enhance the beauty of the rings remarkably.

Marquis-Cut Ring

This is one of the rare pieces that can be spotted in the ring section of jewelries. The marquis-cut diamond gracing the vibrant diamond ring on six prongs is reflective of the stylish flair in one’s personality. Bold as it is, this one sets the rest apart with it big top-stone. To keep symmetry, the band is pave-set with a series of small diamonds. Brazenly announcing your love for her, this unique diamond engagement ring will have people staring at her delicate fingers.

Halo Pavé Ring

This platinum piece is surely going to sweep the receiver as well as those around off their feet. Featuring a big-sized diamond, this elegant ring is flawlessly crafted with a twisted loop that gives shape to a knife-edge profile ready to beam at everybody. Full platinum and all diamond, the band has two floated sets of spiraling diamonds that compliment the central piece. A unique diamond engagement ring it is, the center diamond is set against a four-prong seating arrangement. The principal reason why this ring stands out of all the rest is the unique diamond engagement ring settings that are creatively thought out.

Art Deco Diamond and Emerald Yellow Gold Ring

If you are a stroller in the vintage section of jewels, then this one would surely catch your eyes. Classic, sophisticated and unfailingly glamorous, this ring features the best combination of stones possible with diamonds. With a sparkling emerald sitting at the center on typical six prongs, the bezel of the ring has rectangular slots that are filled with white, shapely diamonds. Curved out of gold, the shoulders of the ring are scalloped thrice which creates a unique design. This unique diamond engagement ring can easily be one of your top choices when you’re hunting for the right ring for the right moment.

Blue Sapphire Diamond Cluster Ring

This is a rather gorgeous piece that has both the depth and theme of love in its design. Set with an inky blue sapphire, this unique diamond engagement ring makes the most touching wordless confession of love. The decent sized centre stone ringed with round diamonds set against a platinum seat is surely a choice of those who have an eye for cluster rings. An antique piece, this one flaunts a mixed-cut shimmering sapphire stone surrounded by eight-cut diamonds twelve in count.

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