50 Shades of Grey Movie in Full Swing in Vancouver

Posted by BrielleFoster on January 8th, 2014

The movie that has been making news for all the right reasons, 50 Shades of Grey Movie , is again in the news as reports and pictures surfaced of the shooting in full swing. From the crucial ‘contract scene’ to the near kiss episode between Ana and Grey, played by Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, the entire team is busy with the shooting so that the film can be released in February 2015. The delay in the release of the movie was triggered when the erstwhile Christian Grey, Charlie Hunnam walked out of the project unexpectedly citing his commitment to his television series, “Sons of Anarchy”. Among the first scenes to be shot was the ‘contract scene’ which marks a serious turn if events in the relationship between Ana and Grey. She was seen in a red dress with a camel coloured belted trench coat and Grey, played by Dornan, was seen in his customised sharp suit and shirt.

While leaving, she gently plants a kiss on the chiselled cheeks of her co-star, Irish hunk, Jamie Dornan. The scene culminates, as she drives away and the look of surprise and bewilderment is seen clearly on the face of her co-star. The film, which is based on the literary adaptation of the erotic novel by Erica James, has seen a lot of ups and downs and highs and lows when the development of the film was seen taking place. First the unceremonious exit of Charlie Hunnam and then the resultant delay in the shooting and finally the start of the shooting in Vancouver, to give the 50 Shades Movie a February 2015 release. The shooting progressed with the filming of the crucial scene where Grey saves Ana from an oncoming biker. This episode leaves her confused about the state of their relationship.

In the novel too, the bike incident, is seen as an important and crucial episode, where, Grey, like a knight in shining armour jumps at the opportunity of saving her from a speeding biker. Soon after, he pushes a strand of hair behind her eyes to inquire if she is doing ok. As she coils in his arms, it creates mixed and confusing feelings in her heart to stir, about the seemingly professional and contractual relationship they are about to enter into. To film this scene, we see Ana dressed in a tightly fitted pair of denims, with a white T-Shirt and a green army jacket thrown over. And Christian Grey aka Jamie Dornan looked dapper, as always, in a sharp suit and high collared shirt. In between the shots however, the pair was also seen ballroom dancing, and when enquired, they responded playfully saying that, the dance was only an option to fight the biting weather.

The millionaire businessman with a penchant for BDSM inspired love making is eagerly being waited for as he, Anastasia Steele in tow, make way to the theatres on 13th February 2015 to give you a taste of forbidden love and relationships. While this might be a conventional love story, releasing it at Valentine’s Day ensures that they can be on the must-see list of most couples, if it is not yet on that list till now. 

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