Cloud Computing and Construction

Posted by hiringhelper on January 8th, 2014

As technology improves and grows, implementation increases and becomes widespread. In the last few years, cloud technology has become a large part of how companies and people use the Internet. Gartner, Inc. Infrastructure, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, reported in February that the cloud market grew to $131 billion worldwide. This staggering sum is a large increase from the previous year.

To put it simply, cloud computing involves uploading files to a server rather than a hard drive, so that those who have access to the server can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection. This allows for easy access on the go, as well as the ability to have many people edit and view the same materials.

In construction, some companies are making the switch to cloud computing and adopting it as their storage and sharing method of choice. Since project managers, construction company owners, superintendents, tradesmen and cost estimators are not always in the same place, having easy access to the same documents, plans and drafts can improve productivity and minimize mistakes.

For large construction companies, having wider access to files is a good thing for business. As mentioned earlier, not everyone is in the same place, and while e-mailing items is possible, it is not the most efficient way for doing business anymore. The ability to access plans, blueprints, and other documents from anywhere can make things much easier. Information can be relayed to others as it is being recorded, and comparisons between two designs can be drawn instantly.

For smaller companies, however, is investing in cloud computing worth it? Most would certainly say that cloud computing is now beneficial no matter the size of the company. Even if a company is only using cloud computing for a document sharing, the low cost makes it appealing to construction companies of any size.

One potential concern of cloud computing in the construction industry is the use of the cloud and construction software. Accompanying software must be used to open certain file types like architectural renderings. However, some third-party providers offer low-cost solutions that allow users to open the files from the cloud by running a program instead of installing anything on the device itself. The ability to access files without having the software installed on every device is a valuable advantage in many cases.

Security has also been a factor that has kept some companies from using the cloud. Data breaches, especially within the construction industry, are a concern for some when the information is put on a server somewhere where they cannot see. While security and privacy are possible problems, they are not issues that happen often, if at all, for the majority of companies.

The rise of cloud computing has helped transform the way companies and employees work with each other and handle information. Many construction industry-networking sites offer free resources to help business owners understand cloud computing more in-depth and see the advantages it offers. With technology in the construction world increasing, and with more companies making the switch to the cloud, people can expect to see a more efficient and advanced construction industry.


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