Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan Set to Film Honeymoon

Posted by FiftyShades on January 8th, 2014

The world of all ‘Fifty Shades Movie” has come to a standstill since the news has spread that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, who are playing Ana and Christian in the movie adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey” will be heading off to Spain to shoot the honeymoon scenes. Yes, you heard it right, the honeymoon scenes! If you have read the naughty trilogy, penned by Erica James, you know that the honeymoon scenes refer to the last book in the trilogy “Fifty Shades Freed” and this February will see the entire unit travel to Spain where they will shoot the crucial and explicit lovemaking scenes in Tenerife. This development also means that the fans will have to suffice with only one movie instead of the earlier three movies, one for each novel in the trilogy.

While fans are left in despair and broken-hearted, there is another person who is equally tormented each time the lead pair of Ana and Christian Grey make love to each other for the screen. It is no one but Jordan Masterson, the 27 year old actor boyfriend of Dakota Johnson. Since the news of the unit shifting to Spain has surfaced, Jordan is seemingly uncomfortable. The film, which is slated to release on the 13th of February 2015, has already been in the news for its NC-17 rating and steamy scenes of BDSM inspired lovemaking. If the recent turn of events is to be believed, then we have only one “50 Shades of Grey Movie” movie to fall back on and not three.

The fans were hoping for a three film deal like the novels written by Erica James come in a trilogy, but since the plots and the storylines of the three novels have been merged into one film, the fans of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will grace the screens in their “50 Shades Movie” avatar only once. The movie is widely anticipated not only for its rich, sexual content but also for the love story that is at the core of it. Many would see only the Red Room of Pain and the non-disclosure agreements and contracts which ‘bind’ the purely sexual relationship of Ana and Grey, but there are situations which touch gently upon the romance aspect of it all. In the scene where Grey saves Ana from a racing biker and gently pushes a strand of her hair behind her ears to inquire if she is doing well, will certainly make you wonder what their relationship is like.

In the ‘contract scene’ when Ana comes down to have a meeting with Grey, and where he gives her a brown envelope which has her copy of the contract, it can be seen that while she is leaving, she gently plants a kiss on the cheeks of Grey, played by Irish hunk, Jamie Dornan, as he looks on in bewilderment. This ‘near-kiss’ experience makes the couple realise that probably there is more to their relationship than BDSM inspired lovemaking. If you want to know how this initial awkwardness turns into mastery in the bedroom, wait till February 13th 2015. 

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