Mou5ZyZZ & Yago Music Collaborate on the New Track

Posted by ggmedia on September 26th, 2020

Mou5ZyZZ, an American DJ and German Musician, Yago Music also known as Jakob Faber join forces in the new track "Melbourne Overdose" and will be coming out on September 30. Melbourne Overdose is @Mou5ZyZZ's 38th release since July 31, 2019


Mou5ZyZZ is back with a new track called "Melbourne Overdose". This track is Mou5ZyZZ's first Melbourne Bounce track release, a collaboration with Yago Music: Aka-Jakob Faber, a German singer and music composer. This track will come out on Mou5 Chee5e Records and will be available on September 30 on over 400 music platforms worldwide. Stay tuned and subscribe to to be the first listener on this track.

"This track is a special collaboration between two of us. This is my first Melbourne Bounce track release as well as his. This track also shows that where we live is not an obstacle to produce a good vibes collaborative track, and we’ll let the world hear behind its meaning, no matter how far the oceans may divide us as individuals. As artists, we believe that love will prevail!" said Mou5ZyZZ, the Mou5 Chee5e Records CEO.


In addition to the new released track, Mou5ZyZZ explained, “The track deals with the excitement and mysteriousness of meeting a stranger in a crowd of thousands of people. Despite the amount of people, you somehow feel attracted to this stranger. The track is building up to its climax while enumerating all of the things you want to do and want to be for that stranger, thinking you could rock their world. But finally, you come to the realization that when it's said and done, that stranger will be too much to handle for you, an OVERDOSE.”


About Yago Music

Yago Music, also known as Jakob Faber, is a German musician, singer, and composer. He has collaborated with numerous DJs and musicians such as DJ Waffles, Christelle Basset, Mou5ZyZZ, Laurentiu Garilli, Don Vito, Digma, and many more. His works are available on major music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Amazon music, and his social media page (Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram).


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About Mou5ZyZZ

Mou5ZyZZ is the CEO of Mou5 Chee5e Records , American DJ, music producer, and music composer. Andrew Niman or better known as Mou5ZyZZ as a stage name, is currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He delivers good vibes in his music and has collaborated with many International DJ and music artists such as DJ Waffles, ARIKADO, Dewik, Mike Mini, MeliniBands, Sarah Jordan, LollyPoP Lane, Arkin Beats, and Matt Von, Matthew Joseph, Yago Music, and many more. 


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