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Posted by sophiamilller on January 8th, 2014

 Even though people often use the computer and the internet to talk to each other nowadays, phone calls remain as popular as they used to be before messaging software has been developed. Today, you can easily make sure that your own phone cards are charged and that your loved ones will be able to reach you when you are abroad, thanks to international mobile recharge options.

                How is it possible to top-up African phone cards even if you are in China, for instance? It is not very difficult: dedicated phone companies have official web pages through which you can recharge prepaid cards from anywhere around the world. You can charge your own card or the ones of your wife or children by following a few simple steps. All you have to do is sign up for an account and follow the instructions that are given on the websites. You don’t have to purchase a different card from another operator, you only need a computer or a smart phone with an internet connection if you want to make sure that you have sufficient funds to use the one you already have.

                In order to register for an account for international mobile recharge, you will have to pay an initial fee that can vary from one site to another. It is practically a prepaid account; you will use the money you pay for opening it when you will be making phone calls. Keep in mind that you will need a Visa or a MasterCard to make the payment. If you are reluctant to use your credit cards on the internet, you should install one of the programs that have been created for protecting your data and for ensuring the safety of online payments. You can also use a PayPal account to recharge African phone cards, which is often a safer option.

                Once you have created your account on one of the web pages of the companies that provide international mobile recharge services, you will normally receive an email with your log-in details. After you confirm the account, you will be able to benefit from the various services provided by such websites. You will be able, for example, to activate an auto-recharge option if you want to make sure you will never run out of call time. If the auto-charge option doesn’t suit you, you can check how much money you have left in your account and supplement the funds online or even over the phone and get rid of all worries regarding your phone credit.

                There are just a few things you should take into account when signing up for an account on a website that provides international mobile recharge. You should do a little research to see how popular and reliable the page is. Also, you should double-check the rates they are offering depending on the country where you want to call or on whether the numbers you are usually calling are landlines or mobile. Take a look at other details regarding possible extra-fees as well, just to make sure you will not spend more than you are planning to on recharging African phone cards. And last, but not least, don’t accept the terms and conditions you have to agree with before opening an account without reading them first.

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