first one after beating 5 Super Challenges

Posted by wengzhujing on January 13th, 2014

It's time to summon your courage, forget about fear and prepare for an onslaught of demanding Super Challenges – it's Super September!

This September there's a new breed of bonus event: each and every day of the month there'll be a Super Challenge for you to tackle, plus double XP for regular challenges. Do a hero's duty and complete them all for some truly sensational Super September rewards!runescape 3 gold

Super Challenges will take many forms, and the full range of your superhero abilities will be tested. From crushing enemies in combat, to gathering items; traversing the world, to raising a specific skill; helping those in need, to eating an audacious portion of food. Each Super Challenge is totally different to the last!

No heroic deed goes unrewarded. With every Super Challenge completed and handed in, you'll receive a hulking XP bonus in a skill of your choice. Once you really start to prove your fortitude and rack up multiple completed Super Challenges, you'll be rewarded with spectacular milestone rewards. A superhero outfit, super titles, a new emote, lightning bolts, claws and a superhero shield override are all available for the RuneScape's mightiest heroes – you'll receive your first one after beating 5 Super Challenges!

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