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Posted by SharonEvans on January 13th, 2014

In the modern environment no business can succeed without qualities like innovation and agility. And along with this any business needs to have strong data management capabilities. Customer data is a well kept secret for any organization; no one wants to part with it. It is not hard to imagine what can happen to a business if all its customer data were to fall in the hands of a competitor. With cloud storage, data centre management, automation solutions and virtual desktop solutions it is much easier to keep customer data safe.

Data security is easier with cloud storage and virtual desktop solutions because these solutions ensure that the data is not in the hands of any employee. Storing data on the cloud means that there is no physical server. The server is a virtual machine that stores all the data. One can only access the data using authorized codes. So employees know the moment they access the server someone is tracking that. In virtual desktops the security aspect is taken one step ahead. In this solution everything is on the server that is either on the cloud or it is a physical machine that resides in the date centre of the service provider. The OS and all applications are stored in the server. All data saved is saved on the server.

There is another important aspect of services like cloud storage and virtual desktop solutions - employees can work more efficiently. Because the servers, all work applications and data are accessed using the internet the hard drives of the desktops or laptops used by the employees are relatively empty. This ensures that the performance of the employee machines is more optimal and they also tend to run faster. The employees are also aware of this situation and they tend to work optimally. There is no useless surfing the internet and accessing useless websites because everyone knows that every keystroke of theirs is monitored.

With cloud storage and virtual desktop solutions organizations also encourage employees to work from any location. One can be sitting at home and they can access the server, the business data and the work applications. As more employees work from home or other locations organizations can save time and they can also save on office space. Employees can also work 24x7 because the server and all the data and applications stored in it can be accessed any time using the internet. And since the server is managed by third party vendors they ensure 100% accessibility and safety.

Organizations today are not cutting costs but managing costs. The better an organization manages costs the better it is able to add to its profits. And when an organization makes more profits it has happier employees (keeping all other aspects of employee engagement in mind). With solutions like cloud storage and virtual desktop solutions cost management can be done better. And of course, business data is always secure, which means more customers to connect with and more business opportunities for the organization.

With solutions cloud storage and virtual desktop solutions organizations are able to make their employees perform optimally.

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