Unsecured business loan for those with bad credit history

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on January 14th, 2014

There are many small businesses that are reeling from the impacts of the last economic depression that we had. And these businesses form a small percentage of the total number of small businesses that closed down due to the economic downturn. Most of these businesses failed to manage their cash flow and thus, their debts and then had to be liquidated or had to declare bankruptcy. And many of the small businesses that now exist are facing immense cash crunch because they are not getting any unsecured business loan due to non-payment history during the depression. For such entrepreneurs business loan bad credit is the best option.

How does one get their credit rating downgraded? There could be many reasons for this – non-payment of bills on time, no payment of bills and loan EMIs at all or excessive use of credit are some of the top reasons for someone to have their credit rating slashed. And once this happens getting an unsecured business loan or any loan for that matter is extremely difficult. People get so desperate that they even reach out to loan sharks and end paying exorbitant amounts of interest just so that they can get some cash to keep their businesses afloat.

But such kind of desperation is not required because even the government realizes that in some cases one simply cannot help their condition. Not every defaulter is a willful defaulter and thus the government tries to help them through its SBA or Small Business Administration lending model. There are SBA affiliated lenders that have lenient credit requirements and one can get a business loan bad credit from them.

But many lenders are not comfortable dealing with the SBA because somewhere in their mind they have this that they would be dealing with a government agency and who knows what can happen in future? Their credit history may turn against them if the government decides so. So what is the best alternative?

Even better than the SBA affiliated and monitored lenders are the web-based microfinance companies. These companies are more than willing to offer unsecured business loan to someone with bad credit rating. One example below will tell you how this works.

If your business accepts credit card payments you can get a business loan bad credit based on the volume generated by your credit card machine. There are lenders that only consider the monthly volume of credit card POS machines and they offer merchant cash advances basis that. And even if your business doesn’t accept credit card payments you can still get a loan basis your business account with your bank. Again the monthly turnover can land you a handsome loan.

These microfinance companies offering business loan bad credit are not loan sharks. They are licensed and registered companies that offer unsecured business loan irrespective of how one’s credit rating looks like. If you are in trouble with your past payments records then these are the financers that can help you with quick approval and loan disbursal.

Have you heard of business loan bad credit? This is the perfect unsecured business loan if you don’t have the best credit rating.

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