Tobacco Dock

Posted by wengzhujing on January 15th, 2014

Above the Lore podcast. Mod Osborne and his guests are totally on fire in this one, and discussing everything from Zamorak’s moustache to Guthix-reincarnation options. Simply put, this is another must-listen podcast! So if you missed it on RuneRadio last Thursday at 9pm you can still download and/or listen to it at your leisure, either on our official Podbean page or iTunes. Don’t forget to tune in for the next lore podcast in two weeks, when Mod Osborne and his guests will gather around a crystal ball to discuss the new skill: Divination!

As promised we can finally let you know where this year’s RuneFest will be.

For those of you who don’t know, Runefest 2013 is your chance to meet the RuneScape developers, hang out with the community and be the first to hear exclusive RuneScape news. Maybe while drinking an ale or two. This year, RuneFest will be held at the Tobacco Dock in the heart of London Docklands, and will have a distinct 'RS Gods' theme.old school runescape gold

After extensive searching, we decided that the Tobacco Dock is the perfect venue. Built in the early 19th Century as a secure bonded warehouse for the receipt and storage of tobacco from the New World, Tobacco Dock was designed to offer complete security for precious and highly desirable goods. Where better for our very own port?

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