Upon logging in to Final Fantasy XIV

Posted by sarahbulaiman on January 15th, 2014

As many of you know (and after hopefully watching that epic trailer for ffxiv gil) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is currently in closed beta. After having a chance to jump in at the start of Beta Phase 3 myself, I’m here to bring you my first impressions of A Realm Reborn. Keep in mind that this game is still in Beta and as we all know MMORPGs are vast creatures that need a lot of play time for a proper full length review, but even though I only managed to get to get a little past level 15, there is still a lot of information to pass on, so let’s dive in!

Upon logging in to Final Fantasy XIV again after these many months I was immediately greeted with a sleek, responsive, character creation UI and the subtle chimes of the Final Fantasy hymn that we’ve all come to recognize. Already I was met with a breath of fresh air and the Final Fantasy vibe; while having been busy with many other titles, I had gone many months without experiencing. It was like a welcome mat had been laid out for me.

Compared to most games, character customization in XIV is pretty much what we’ve grown accustomed to in today’s MMO market. However, one thing XIV gets right with this process is offering you a healthy number of unique customization choices, without getting too heavy on the sliders. Things such as your race, body size, body type, face color, hair color, scars, eyes, eye color and even your characters combat voice were all available to customize within the anime-centric style that players have come to associate the series with.

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