Pregnancy Diet Tips For Managing Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Posted by naijaparents on January 15th, 2014

Pregnancy is the most wonderful feeling for an expecting mother. However, it brings along with it a number of questions, queries and worries. The most common question bothering women is related to weight. Doctors suggest that a woman should gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy. Normally women gain 2 - 4 pounds during the first trimester, and 1 pound every week till her delivery. The following will provide a basic scale for weight gain during pregnancy.

  • Overweight women must gain less than 15 - 20 pounds, throughout pregnancy.
  • Underweight women must gain between 28 - 40 pounds.
  • In case of twins, a woman should gain 37 - 54 pounds.

It is to be kept in mind that a nutritious and a balanced diet along with regular exercise is the basis for a healthy pregnancy.

Some women are overweight before they conceive and some gain easily when they are carrying. Whatever may be the case it is to be kept in mind that dieting is a complete “NO” during pregnancy. Therefore, it is wise to focus on eating healthy and staying active to avoid weight issues during and after pregnancy. Inadequate weight gain during pregnancy will certainly affect the growth of the baby. On the contrary, overweight also will have its adverse effect.

With proper diet and regular exercise, it is possible to have a healthy pregnancy without gaining too much weight.

Below are some healthy eating tips which will help maintain weight during pregnancy –

Healthy choices: 


  • Consider vegetables and fresh fruits as snacks rather than binging on sweets and fried items.
  • Eat cereals, breads, and crackers made with whole grains.
  • Choose reduced-fat dairy products. Also opt for low-fat or fat-free cheese or yogurt.


Eating out:


  • Consider opting for healthy food, even when dining out. Opt for low fat items which are backed this will help reduce the amount of calories taken.
  • A number of restaurants offer menus with nutrition facts on their websites. Make use of them to understand what you are eating.
  • Avoid fast food.




  • Moderate exercise, with the help of an expert, can help burn extra calories.
  • Swimming, walking or swimming is considered as effective and safe, exercises for pregnant women.
  • Take suggestions from gynecologist before starting an exercise program.

Browse the net for more information if you are looking for pregnancy diet tips.

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