Glossary of Music: Top 50 Musical Terms You Should Know

Posted by sbm on September 29th, 2020

It is often useful to know the simple music words that are widely used by expert music makers and sound engineers. These terms are words related to music that denote a particular impact, note, or audio presence on a track. This music glossary is known internationally, not just in India.

This music glossary is a must for music fans and budding music makers, since it is very helpful in the long run to understand the "scientific" language of music.

Music plays a key part in many people's lives. The more knowledge we acquire about how music works, the more it can be understood and all forms of music embraced.
We have described some of the most used musical terminology and meanings to help you grow to a greater understanding of musicianship, as well as improve your emotional reaction to the music itself. These musical words are the language of the instruments and those of you who play an instrument.

Below is the list of top 50 Musical Terms You Should Know

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