Rooms make statements with Bonaldo furniture and Magis furniture

Posted by AllmaJess on January 16th, 2014

When you buy furniture for your home it should make a statement. And the statement should be positive, classy and unique. Ubiquitous furniture can be seen in most homes and no one even looks at those everyday sofas and chairs. But when you buy something different, something special people take notice. This is precisely what you can achieve with masterpieces from Bonaldo and Magis. Over the years there have been some outstanding furniture designers from Italy and most of them fade when compared to Bonaldo furniture and Magis furniture.

Bonaldo furniture has been there since 1936 when Giovanni Vittorio Bonaldo started using metals for furniture designing. Over the years the company has only gone one way – up. In between the company saw the launch of beds, mattresses and bedsteads, opening up of a store in Milan and new concepts in sofa beds. And during this journey the furniture designers working at Bonaldo have won numerous awards. Some of their award winning furniture items include the Pierrot Sofa by Glenn Thomas and the Poly Chair by Karim Rashid. One of the iconic products from the house of Bonaldo is the Big Table.

Some of the finest furniture desigers worldwide have sometime or the other been associated with Bonaldo furniture. The company has attracted the finest because of the fine designs that it is able to create. As a consumer you can expect the best from Bonaldo and you get the best too.

Magis furniture is all about modern design although they also design traditional looking furniture. Modern furniture design is a lot about sleek lines and funky colours. Magis is also an Italian furniture design company that has showrooms in Milan, one of the four fashion capitals of the world. Magis furniture is not manufactured, it is designed and some of the finest names in furniture designing are associated with this furniture designing company.

Magis has everything for your home, both for indoors and outdoors. All their products are as sleek as you can imagine furniture to be. In fact some of the furniture designs are so simple and sleek that you sometimes wonder whether they can withstand someone’s weight. But yes, furniture from Magis is designed and created this way – they offer visual treats but they are extremely functional in nature.

When you opt for Bonaldo furniture and/or Magis furniture you don’t just buy furniture. You rather buy pieces of art. Every item that comes out of the top furniture makers in Italy is eye catching. When you browse through the items in showrooms or online stores you immediately want to posses some of them. This is the kind of magic that these items of furniture create and this is why they have so many admirers around the world.

There are websites that have extensive collections of Bonaldo furniture and Magis furniture. They showcase their furniture pieces in such a manner that you can visualize your room with some of the pieces of furniture in these websites. If you feel like buying go ahead – just take out our card.

Some rooms make statements – statements that are bold and prominent. If you find out many such rooms would have Bonaldo furniture and Magis furniture.

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