Want To Apply For Business Visa Canada Online?

Posted by novelcanadaimmigration on September 30th, 2020

Needless to say how strong Canada is for expanding business and holding population. It is the second largest country after Russia. Canada shares vast opportunities for the outsiders to grow here. It is very easy for the local business owners to start and to expand their business here. It has variant of population irrespective of class and culture and thus respects the emotions of everyone. Canadian economy is strong enough to support the upcoming start-ups. The stability of this country attracts people from all over the Globe. This is why all of us once in a lifetime try to get business visa Canada.

As said Canadian market offers extremely favorable market for business growth so getting visa for here isn’t a very tough task.

Coming on Business and Work visa for Canada.

1. Business visa stands for those who are willing to travel temporarily to Canada for conducting business. They can come here and engage in different markets.

2. Expanding and investing here isn’t a big task for them in Canada. Here one can easily grow their business connections and can even get permanent residency.

3. Under Provincial Nominee Program -PNP they can get permanent residency here. Province over here has different eligibility criteria that must include net worth, investment, source of money, security, management experience and government deposits.

Canadian business visitor means an individual coming temporarily to Canada. The person only comes with the purpose of engaging in different activities related to business and labor market. You will only be pertinent if you intend to look forward to grow your business and invest in business. This business expansion trip can also include the reason of site visits, Canadian company asking you to come for training, business transactions etc.

Being a business visitor you should show:

• Stay of less than 6 months
• Not planning to enter the Canadian labor market
• Your source of income and profits shouldn’t be related to Canada
• You should have legal documents and that supporting the application
• Enough money for your coming, stay and returning home
• No criminal background and security risk.

You will allowed to move anywhere in Canada including family visits and enjoying the attractions here. Also you can attend different meetings, trade shows etc. It is recommended to take the help from immigration consultant who will guide you what all documents you need to facilitate your business.

Documents required to come here are:

• Passport and travel history- valid passport is essential through which you will come here.
• Contextual documentation that should all be true and not fake.
• Documents from your company that allowed you to travel, if own then also.
• Documents proving you will not stay for time more than 6 months, you will not be allowed to stay more than that for once approval.
• Completed application, if anything is missing or fake than your application will be cancelled.
• Passable medical insurance with proper amount, so that you can go for proper medication if needed anytime.
Also before going for the application process you need to see whether you are eligible for the process or not? Here is the criteria.
• Proficient in either English or French language
• Post secondary education is important, basic of education asked.
• Must have enough money and savings that help you in your stay and you don’t depend anyone there.
• All the medical tests clearance is important and also the security requirements as no criminal activity should be in your background.

These all points you need to keep in mind before going for Canada Business Visa.

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