'50 Shades of Grey' Movie News: Bone-Chilling Temperatures Disrupt & Alter Filmi

Posted by BrielleFoster on January 17th, 2014

So what if the weather is playing a spoilt sport. When you have the hot looking pair of former Calvin Klein model Jamie Dornan and the delicate beauty Dakota Johnson, who have an even hotter chemistry, worrying about the weather would be the last thing to do. But we wish if that were true. In fact, with the polar vortex, driving the temperatures down even further, especially in America and Canada, this is the worst winter in most recent times. And for The Movie Fifty Shades Of Grey which has been in the eye of the storm from the beginning, the shooting getting stalled now due to the vagaries of the weather is just ominous.

Though the fifty shades movie has already begun in parts of Canada, and some of the leaked pictures have also suggested that the crucial bike scene, the contract scene and the cafe scene have already been shot, several of the outdoor scenes are still pending and we have to rely on the weather Gods alone to give us a glimpse of the next set of shooting pictures, which will only be possible once the shooting actually starts. Even in these scenes, the casting team and the lead pair have been seeing trying to warm up in quilted jackets and Ugg boots and beat the chill. For example, when the shooting pictures of the ‘contract scene’ emerged, Ana aka Dakota was seen wearing a quilted jacket over her red dress trying to feel a little warmer.

The same thing happened with Jamie as well, he too was seen in a quilted jacket, over the sharp suit which made his resemble the self made billionaire, Christian Grey a little more. The bike scene, however, saw them take the chill a little more jovially, as they took to ballroom dancing to stay warm in between shots. Dressed in quilted jackets again, the pair mock danced their way into staying warm. The only scene where they might have got some genuine comfort and were shielded from the cold was the cafe scene, where they were sitting indoors (inside a cafe, to be precise) and enjoying hot cups of coffee while Ana opened herself up to the quizzes of the dark and brooding entrepreneur. 


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