'Fifty Shades of Grey' Meme Goes Viral! Fans and Author E.L. James Get Crazy Ov

Posted by FiftyShades on January 17th, 2014

It’s official now. E.L. James thinks that Christian Grey is the most interesting man in the world. Given that she is the one, who has created this BDSM loving self made billionaire, there are no reservations in our mind that this will be one of the most ‘loved’, like literally and figuratively, character to be seen on the big screen in quite some time. The author, who has a trilogy to her credit and was also the highest earning author, is confident that the new Christian Grey will be the perfect foil to the naive and docile Anastasia Grey. Yes, the 31 year old Irish model and now actor, Jamie Dornan. Jamie came on board as the first Christian Grey, another T.V. actor, Charlie Hunnam walked out of the movie, citing his commitment to his television series, “Sons of Anarchy” in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Though Charlie Hunnam looked the part of the rich and handsome owner of Grey Enterprises, where looks are concerned, Jamie Dornan too, can give most actors a run for their money. If you want proof, you can catch him in one of the many Calvin Klein adverts he has been featured in. When, however, Hunnam walked out of the enterprise and the casting team was in a sticky spot trying to zero in on the new Christian Grey, it was Dornan, who was selected ousting a bevy of possibilities like Ian Somerhalder, Robert Pattinson, Matt Bomer and more. Jamie, who has been seen in television series such as “The Fall” and “Once Upon a Time”, is a current favourite of the author and many.

Erica James, who also serves as one of the producers on this Sam Taylor- Johnson directed movie, has already been pretty vocal about her choice of the new Christian Grey on Twitter and Instagram. She took to Instagram when she shared an image with her fans and of course the fans of the trilogy, showing letter tiles from the popular game Scrabbles arranged to form ‘Dornan’, which is a clear reference to Jamie Dornan. On Twitter too, the author has been welcoming Jamie and wrote Tweeted famously, to her followers, that their man is here. Hunnam’s exit had momentarily brought the film to a standstill, but instead of reeling under the pressure, team “Fifty Shades....” came back with a bang and Jamie Dornan.

Erica James recently retweeted a meme of a man saying that he does not take relationship advice, but when he does, he takes it from Christian Grey. This meme is a direct throwback on the sexually deviant character that Grey plays in the “50 Shades Movie” Trilogy. Hence, having gone viral, this meme has been liked by many of Erica’s followers on Twitter. For a mysterious and enigmatic character like Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan seems to be the most obvious choice with his dapper look in the sharp suits, sculpted abs and piercing blue eyes. No wonder, the fans and Erica are gaga over him! 

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