Auditorium Seats - Folding Vs Non-Folding

Posted by adortalukdar on January 19th, 2014

There are not a lot of different choices for people buying auditorium seats. Auditorium seats are almost always designed so that many chairs share one common beam, or frame system. The chairs will either be stabilized in one position, or they can have bottoms that lift and fold.

The benefits of auditorium seats that fold

• Folding seats create more room so people can easily move from the aisles to the center chairs

• When the bottom sections of the seats are folded in an upright position the cleaning of the room is made easier. Sweeping under the row of seats can be very difficult if the bottom cushions do not lift up. Most of these rows of seats are placed close to each other so it is very difficult for cleaning crews to get to the trash that is beneath the seats. Having cushions that lift will create more space for cleaning crews to work in.

• The rows of seats can be established in closer proximity to the rows in front of them

• They are attractive

• They are generally comfortable to sit in

• The average size seat will handle the weight of a 250 lb. individual, but larger seats can be ordered that will hold more weight

The Benefits of auditorium seats that do not fold

• Children, and people who are small of stature, and light of weight, often have difficult times in keeping the bottom cushions weighted down. The seat has a tendency to try and fold back up even though there is a person seated in them, so these seats that do not fold are more comfortable for children, and small people to sit in

• These chairs do not have hinges that can be broken

• These chairs do not have hinges that need oiled, or maintained

• They are attractive

• They are generally comfortable to sit in

• Usually a person that weighs up to 250 lbs. can sit in these chairs with ease, and if larger seats are desired they can be custom ordered

When selecting the styles of chairs to create the seats in an area that will hold a large number of people you must base your decision on the amount of room you have in the area, the budget you have to spend, the amount of comfort the chairs will provide, and the look of the system. An attractive arrangement is desired by most places that have a large seating potential.

You will not find these items for sale at every furniture store in every town. You will be able to order these items from a catalog, or you can shop online and order them. Most of the time people buy these items directly from the manufacturer, and eliminate the middle man, and their price mark-ups.

Besides the option to have seats that fold you will have the options of having arm rests with cup holders, or having arm rests with no cup holders in them. Some seats have no arm rests on them, but these are not recommended, because they are less comfortable for people to remain seated in for a long period of time.

Auditorium seats can be purchased with cushions that fold up or they can have cushions that are stable. Auditorium seats can be purchased with arm rests that have drink holders built into them. You can find out more here.

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