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Posted by sarahbulaiman on January 20th, 2014

For fans of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, part one of the tenth Letter from the Producer Live aired this morning hosted, as always by producer and Final Fantasy Xiv Gil (Yoshi-P). Other than the big news - the patch's planned release date is December 17th - here is what was covered.

The letter started off with a few job balances and adjustments:

Warrior - while not covered in today's Letter, had many detailed changes outlined by Yoshida himself on the Final Fantasy XIV forums just a few days ago. Several abilities will take up less TP, reduce recast times, and other changes which will bring the warrior more on par with the paladin, the game's only other tank class.

Dragoon - the animations for various Jump abilities currently locks the dragoon into place, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. These animation times and location locks will be reduced, making it easier to dodge after a jump. If you need any Final Fantasy XIV gil, feel free to contact us. As well, the job gets an overall 10% DPS increase, plus adjustments to recast times.

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