MOT Salisbury Inspectors Can Help You in Keeping Non-Compliance Charges at Bay

Posted by maryparker on January 20th, 2014

‘Examination’, the very word incites fear in our mind. We need to get through different types of examinations at different phases of our life. The MOT Test (or Ministry of Transport test) is an annual examination conducted by authorized testers to check car safety, different aspects of roadworthiness, and exhaust systems. Like a school exam, MOT test is aimed at ensuring that the cars coming under scanner are in perfect condition for driving on the UK roads. MOT Salisbury testing centres employ fully authorized testers who have the required qualification for conducting these tests and issue certificates to the vehicle owners. Why should you take your car to a reputable MOT testing centre Salisbury? Here below are some good reasons.

The legal obligation

The statutory requirements for MOT testing are contained in the Motor Vehicles (Tests) Regulations 1981. The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, commonly referred as VOSA, is in charge of conducting these tests. VOSA officers are granted the power to stop vehicles of they fail to comply with pertinent regulations. The numerous testing centres across the UK, which run under patronage of VOSA, conduct the tests and the testers check to see whether the cars on road comply with the environment and safety guidelines. If your vehicle does not pass the test, it simply means that you cannot drive your car in most parts of the country, except in Isle of Wight, Mainland, Orkney and a few other islands. MOT test is not usually required before three years from the date of buying a new vehicle.

Different aspects of the MOT test

MOT tests are required for an overall evaluation of your vehicle’s structure. For example, the chassis of the car should not have any signs of accidental damage. The safety appliances on your car will also be checked during a MOT Salisbury test. Seat belts, airbags and mirrors will be duly checked during a test. If your vehicle does not have an adequate number of mirrors inside and outside, it will probably not get through the test. Your car’s tyres, brakes and wheels will also come under scanner during the test. Mot testers take a holistic approach while conducting these tests.

Additional features

MOT examiners in Salisbury check every little detail of the vehicles sent to them. They start right from the windscreen; check the wipers, steerage and suspension systems in the vehicles. In other words, an MOT test covers every possible aspect of vehicle safety and functioning. Therefore, you should perform a check of your vehicle by yourself before taking it to a testing centre to increase the chances of favourable results.

However, you have to keep in mind that fake MOT testers have mushroomed in Salisbury and surrounding regions in recent times. You should look for a fully authorized MOT testing centre Salisbury in the first place. An authorized testing centre will have 3 white and inter-connected triangles against a sky blue background imprinted and painted at prominent locations within the testing facility. Find a testing centre near your home by looking up the web.

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