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Posted by thepearlsourcereviews on January 21st, 2014

Elegant, elite and beautiful pearl jewellery are a woman’s best friend. Not only because of the exquisite designs and forms in which pearl jewellery is available, but also because they suit all attire, have women loved to wear them. Pearl jewellery adds on to a woman’s elegance and flair. Pearls are an ideal gift for all occasions, whether it is a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday party or an official meeting etc.

Pearls are available in different shapes, the most commonly used ones are round, oval, semi-round, circle, button, baroque, drop and pear shaped pearls. The semi-round and perfectly round pearls are used mainly in making rings, pendants and earrings, whereas the button shaped pearls are used mainly for making bracelets. Pearl jewellery sets are also available in the jewellery shops that comprise of a pearl necklace with matching earrings, bracelets and ring made up of similar looking pearls.

Different types of pearls are available in the jewellery shops around the world.  The most famous ones are: -

  • The White South sea pearls
  • The Black Tahitian pearls
  • The Golden pearls
  • The Akoya pearls
  • The Freshwater Cultured pearls

Tahitian pearls are known for their elegant black looks. They carry a bright luster that reflects the uniqueness of the pearl. The white south sea pearls and the Akoya pearls are known for their natural shade. They are an ideal choice for special occasions like weddings where they offer a perfect match to the bride’s gown. Golden south pearls, on the other hand, have a shimmer that gives the wearer a royal appearance. Freshwater pearls are cultured pearls that are available in lavender, pink, white and other different natural colors. Many other imitation pearls that are also available are used on the basis of their color cost and appearance. The imitation pearls do not carry, and class and hence is cheaper compared to the other natural and cultured pearls.

Check For Originality                                                                                                                     

One needs to check for originality and the true quality of pearls prior to purchasing them. The natural pearls when X-rayed reveals a fine round nucleus surrounded by concentric rings, whereas cultured pearls consist of irregular cavity in the centre. Jewelers provide you with different pearls available and help you to select the one that best suit your occasion or needs. One can even purchase the natural and cultured pearls from the certified pearl jewelers once you visit the pearl source review available online who deliver your jewellery along with the certificate of originality at your doorstep.

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