Better security possible with Citrix hosted desktop or hosted Windows desktop

Posted by AllmaJess on January 22nd, 2014

Buying a hosted desktop is easy what with so many providers available to offer the best packages at very attractive prices. One of the main mistakes that organizations make when opting for hosted desktop solutions is that they consider the cost element most seriously. However, when it comes to the best solutions it is the best service providers that are able to match the expectations of their clients. For Citrix hosted desktop or hosted Windows desktop one has to look for those partners that have the experience in handling the complexities of managing hosted desktops.

Citrix and Microsoft are two of the most well known software companies in the world. Millions of users use their software solutions worldwide for personal as well as professional purposes. Needless to say when there is so much data being handles through the applications provided by both these companies there are many that are interested to access the data.

So how does it help when someone opts for Citrix hosted desktop or hosted Windows desktop? In many ways if you should ask me. When an organization opts for virtual desktops they are able to take security up by more just a few degrees. How does this happen? This happens because the management of the desktop, work applications and data is given to a third party vendor. The example below should help you understand.

When an employee uses the LAN cable in their office they are connected to the main server. The internet is accessed through the server and any work done and saved on the hard drive of the employee's workstations is also saved on the server. In many organizations the server is a physical machine that resides in the server room. If the server gets damaged or destroyed due to any reason all the data could be lost. If someone is able to hack into the server all the data could be compromised. Using Citrix hosted desktop or hosted Windows desktop organizations are able to take care of these issues.

In Citrix hosted desktop or hosted Windows desktop the server is housed in the data centre of the vendor. So, there is no way one can hack into it. Today the number of physical servers is lessening because cloud servers are becoming more prominent. In hosted desktop environments there are additional security features built in. The workstations don't have any OS or work related applications. An employee accesses the OS and the work apps by logging onto the server over the internet. So, there is nothing that the employee can save on their workstation hard drive. Moreover, any data saved is saved on the server and not in individual workstations. This adds another measure of security.

There is cost involved in Citrix hosted desktop or hosted Windows desktop but the cost is nothing compared to the solutions provided. It is expected that virtual desktops are going to take over 40% of physical desktops by next year. And the ones that provide these services are going to add immense value.

By opting for Citrix hosted desktop or hosted Windows desktop organizations are able to manage data and system security like never before.

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