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Posted by AllmaJess on January 22nd, 2014

There was this news recently where it was revealed that more than 40 million Target customers could be facing issues because their credit and debit card information may have been hacked. There is nothing new in this news - we know of innumerable businesses, some as critical as government agencies and hospitals, that have been negligent about protecting customer data. Unencrypted data on stolen laptops and mobile phones can easily reveal personal and business data and one stands compromised. Now think how you would feel if your customer data were to be in the hands of hackers who wouldn't blink once before selling the data to your competitors? The solution is not difficult - there are cloud desktop providers that offer solutions like hosted remote desktop.

Buying and selling of data is a multi-billion dollar industry that profits from using legal data with or without taking permission from the owners of the data. Normal customers don’t have any control over these data brokers some of whom go to the lengths of selling information about police officers, rape victims and people suffering from AIDS. In 2012 one person had their identity stolen every 3 seconds and we can expect the figures for this year to be worse. In the last eight years or so more than 620 million customer records have been breached in more than 4,000 cases of hacking.

The writing on the wall is clear – as a business you need to protect your customer data and you need to invest in being secure. Today it’s child play for a hacker to enter a laptop or a network to access data. The best way to keep them at bay is to ensure that none of your employees have any data on their desktops or laptops. But how are they going to work then? They can still work when you when you have one of the cloud desktop providers offering hosted remote desktop solutions.

There are some points given below about hosted remote desktop solutions that you should find informative.

-              Cloud desktop providers ensure that there is a virtual server on the cloud that stores everything for a business – OS, data and work applications.

-              Employees get a virtual desktop environment when they connect with the server on a secure line on the internet.

-              Employees can work normally on their workstations that will not store anything. Any data saved will be saved on the server.

-              The entire management of hosted remote desktop solutions will be done by the cloud desktop providers. This includes setup, management, maintenance and repairs if required. Any changes required will be managed by the service provider under agreed TAT.

-              With this solution you can cut down on your hardware cost by as much as 40%. This is a proven figure that adds tangible profits to your organization’s bottom line.

Care about your customer data and your customers will see to it that they help you make profits. Connect with cloud desktop providers for the best hosted remote desktop solutions.

Companies that care for their customers are now investing in hosted remote desktop solutions. The most professional cloud desktop providers are able to provide the most robust solutions in virtual desktops.

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