Get ready with 2007 runescape gold cheap to jump into game and gain rewards now

Posted by letusgame on January 23rd, 2014

Based on your feedback, Jagex has recently updated the Slayer Rewards Store that you are now able to receive some new rewards by right-clicking any slayer master and selecting 'rewards'. Get ready with 2007 runescape gold cheap to jump into game and gain rewards now!

Slayer Rewards Store
On the one hand, same as previous, you still need to buy rs3 gold to complete Smoking Kills for unlocking the ability to make or upgrade slayer helmets. Also, after you complete the quest, you will receive all of slayer points per assignment. Otherwise, there will be only half of them for you. Moreover, completing Smoking Kills quest can help you earning some of the store's best rewards.
On the other hand, unlike the previous Slayer Rewards Store, you no longer need to complete Smoking Kills for earning slayer points or accessing the Slayer Rewards Store. All of you now have access to the useful items. Also, assignment management options available there, and you are able to purchase with points earned with each assignment completed.

Slayer Helmet
Firstly, slayer helmet's base stats will be increased slightly, while its 12.5% damage and accuracy boost against your currently assigned target will remain. And now it has armour and life points equivalent to an all-style level 10 item. 
Secondly, you can now upgrade the slayer helmet with three new options, which will be unlocked through Slayer Rewards Store. 
Thirdly, if you are having level 60 Crafting, you could also unlock the ability of fusing rings of slaying and ferocious rings to a full slayer helmet or its upgraded versions, granting the rings' teleportation abilities to the helmet.
Last, but not least, full and upgraded slayer helmets now enjoy the same functions as the enchanted gem given out by slayer masters, so it will be more convenient to check your skills and contact your slayer master on the fly.

There are some new rewards for social slayers too. If you want a super-cute new ganodermic runt pet, come to take it with sufficient 2007 runescape gold cheap. Also, don't forget to share the benefits with your partner and enjoy the game together!

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