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Posted by smithlisa on January 23rd, 2014

DSLR cameras are professional cameras that require a certain amount of knowledge in photography to handle. Moreover, it has so many aspects to it that it would be nearly impossible to completely use the camera to its full potential. Ziffen manufactures and designs gadgets and gears for DSLR cameras which are predominantly used by professional photographers and cameramen.

About Ziffencorp, Incorporation

Initially, before venturing into the world of DSLR, Ziffencorp was mostly dedicated to making video production monitors. Now they have branched out into various aspects of the Digital and Video Camera Industry. They offer all sorts of DSLR gear including:

  • Camera Tripod

  • Camera Slider

  • Camera Monitor

  • Camera Bags and Accessories

  • Camera Stabilizer

Other than these usual equipment they have a well stocked gopro accessories line that is the most opted among both beginners and professionals alike.

Gopro Accessories

This is a series by Ziffen that is a culmination of various high quality high tech gadgets. This series includes:

Gopro Safebox: This a a box that is very compact with a hard outer layer to ensure that equipment is not affected on fall. This is especially useful for nature photographers who hitch hike and go to many rocky locations.

Electrical Control Slider: This is a slider which can be controlled from a single position by way of electricity. This involves usuage of batteries which is also available at Ziffen.

Chest Mount Harness: Many photographers prefer the harness to the generic sling as there is more grip. In the case of a harness, they can also be running and pushing through involved without any worry of breaking/misplacing the equipment.

Feedback and Communication Channels

Ziffencorp Inc., delivers all over the world. After every sale they take in all the constructive criticism from their customers and try to improve their products. Their products are available for sale with various authorized dealers both in the US and all over the world. Almost 50 countries enjoy authorized dealership from Ziffencorp. They mainly deal in online portals. They can be found at – where they detail on all their products and take in requests for purchase. Like any other online website Ziffen does regular sales to all customers.

They can be contacted by way of filling a form with your details and asking the question you have in mind. Ziffen will get back to you within a week and the process of purchase can then begin!

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