Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home Office

Posted by henryethan on October 4th, 2020

With the COVID-19 virus still doing the rounds, most of us will continue to work from home at least till the end of the year. This means that by now, you should have a set, well-organized space for yourself that doubles up as your workstation!

Having an ergonomic chair and desk really helps to get you in a productive zone whilst ensuring full support to your back. But your home office set up needs a little more than this. It needs window treatments! These add a professional touch to your workspace and also ensure that you do not get distracted with what’s going on outside.

Drapes, layers, motorized shutters help to regulate the room’s temperature and balance the sunlight that floods into your space. Moreover, you can easily transform the ambiance of your home office by playing around with the different varieties available!

Looking for a few ideas so that you can choose the best window treatment to create the right atmosphere in your home office? Here’s a guide:

You can never wrong with sleek, motorized shutters

Make a contemporary style statement with motorized shutters in Fairfield, CT. These provide you with just the right amount of privacy without forcing you to compromise on natural light.

Not only will motorized shutters help cut down your energy bills, but these also functions at the touch of a button! The best part? These complement each and every room, regardless of their design. Don’t forget to add modern lighting fixtures for a more industrial look.

Bring interesting patterns to your plain walls

Break the monotony with subtle layered shades peppered with minimalist patterns, especially if your home office is short on space. This splash of color can prove to be a breath of fresh air for your office space!

Shades are a great way to add to the room’s decor without upending your core design idea, which would be to keep the space as distraction-free as possible. For this, you can easily find blinds and layered shades in Westport, CT to strike a balance in your home office’s design and more importantly, to minimize glare on your laptop screen.

Consider heavy draperies

If you live in a noisy neighborhood, you might be having a tough time getting office work done on time. Getting heavier fabrics to cover up your windows can be really helpful to muffle up all the noise. Moreover, you can also experiment with textured, gorgeous fabrics to bring in your own personality to the workspace.

Window treatment experts suggest getting layered options—like roman shades—so that you can isolate yourself from the world while working on your magnum opus. The best thing here is that you still get to enjoy a sliver of light whenever you take a break! But, if dramatic spaces are up your alley, then you can set up the ‘arched window’ look by choosing the right fabric valance.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to window treatments for home offices. We hope that these ideas will be helpful when you decide to design & drape your very space!

Author’s bio: The blogger is a window treatment expert and this blog is about window treatment tips for home offices.

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