Personal home care: What is it all about?

Posted by adairsawyer on January 25th, 2014

Errands that become a part of our lives turn out to be burdensome after a point of time when our bodies are enfeebled with age. It is then that even regular activities that require bare minimum energy and movement become strenuous and matters of great effort to us. Simple everyday works like eating, dressing, combing, bathing, etc., become challenging tasks for elderly people. This is why personal home care is imperative to keep those days of helplessness joyous and enjoyable. Even aging parents love to have an independent life, and appointing a respite care professional is the best way to ensure their wellbeing.
One’s dignity lies in their self-sufficiency. Appointing an aide for small tasks like cleaning, cooking, washing, etc., does not mean that you are any less efficient, but that you still have to courage to take life head-on, despite your limitations that grow with age. Personal home care givers are more like constant friends who genuinely care for you and never fail you when needed. Their standby assistance at all times of the day makes living simple and easy. A caregiver starts with helping patients out of their beds in the morning and takes them to perform the following chores. Same as respite care, the providers offer dressing and grooming assistance which includes preparing a nutritious breakfast and aid in eating.
The professionals stress on the importance on having a restful night especially during the old age when timely repose is necessary for the overall wellbeing of the patients. All kinds of transfer assistances be it on a wheelchair, stretcher, crutch or any other form of transport, are offered for patients struggling to ensure mobility. A part of personal home care is to aid patients in showering and bathing. Due to physical inability, people in their old days skip baths often which leads to poor personal hygiene. Since, taking a shower alone can be quite unsafe while skipping it can lead to skin and health issues, it is important that a fully trained professional helps them to their bathtub and other slippery areas that can facilitate accidental falls. The nurses working with respite care providing organizations know that maintaining a good personal hygiene is challenging for people who face difficulty in performing the fundamentals such as, dressing up and rising from their beds.
Hence, they’re given sponge baths and other cleansing assistance that makes self-care easy and possible. Since assistance in the use of restroom is one of the key requirements of aging people, the professional ensure rendering of incontinence care without violating respect and privacy standards. The professionals are taught to understand that happiness is the secret to a long and healthy life. In order to practice this, the aides dress up professionals in colorful clothing, take them out for afternoon strolls, make them meet and interact with likeminded and similar-aged people, formulate games and encourage participation to keep them merry as best as possible.

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