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Posted by SharonEvans on January 25th, 2014

Weight training is considered to be an effective means to build and fortify muscles. If you are dreaming to achieve a tight and toned muscular body, you can consider exercising with levypainot  or weight plates. You need to attach the weight plates to the barbells for exercising. Apart from weight plates, you can also use käsipainot or dumbbells for weight training. You can visit your local gym equipment store to buy these devices. If you do not have the time to visit a brick-and-mortar store, you can consider buying these gym accessories online.

Levypainot          or weight plates are round-shaped or octagonal gym equipment with a hole it its central position. They are usually made of iron, plastic or steel. They can be attached to barbells or käsipaino to improve their resistance. Addition of the weight plates enables you to do intense abs and muscle workout. Apart from fixing them to the käsipaino or barbells, the weight plates can also be attached to rowing machines, boxing equipment, and elliptical trainer. Adding the weight plates to these machines help you to get a full body exercise.

With levypainot, you can easily exercise various parts of your body with various types of workouts. You can try out a normal trunk twist for toned abs or do exercises like bosu squat press that is aimed at strengthening the shoulders and the legs, thus improving both coordination and balance.

Exercising with levypainot not only tones up your muscles but at the same time fortifies your ligaments and tendons. It is seen hat if you exercise on a regular basis using weight plates, you will have lesser chances of developing serious bone ailments like osteoporosis. The reason is that weight plate exercises enhance the strength and density of the bones. Moreover, these exercises will improve your metabolism and make your metabolic rate better. Your postural support will also develop if you keep on doing weight plate exercises daily.

The use of the weight plates is not new. It is being used since the later part of the 19th century. Now, these plates have become an integral part of the world of weight training. Almost all the gyms around the world have weight plates in their stock. You can also buy weight plates and use them at home.

Wight plates are categorized into two types. They include standard plates and Olympic plates. The standard weight plates are the traditional devices that are smaller in comparison to the Olympic versions. The Olympic plates are not only larger but at the same time heavier than their standard editions. The hole in their centre have 2 inch diameter. The Olympic plates are specifically made to be use d by the Olympic weight lifters. On the contrary, the standard ones are meant for daily workout programs.

No matter which type of weight plate you want, make sure that you buy it from a reliable store. The World Wide Web is fraught with online stores specializing in gym equipment. You can visit a reputable online store to buy your weight plates.

If you are in search of levypainot and käsipainot, you can browse through our website. We have a treasury of different gym equipment and accessories.

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