Abdominal Pain in Babies Aged Between 0-3 Years: Things Parents Must Be Aware of

Posted by SharonEvans on January 26th, 2014

Abdominal pain in babies is mostly caused by minor illnesses. However, parents should not overlook these issues and should consult paediatricians whenever their kids complain about chronic or consistent abdominal pain. There are more than ninety known causes of abdominal pain in children and only an expert physician can name the causes and symptoms of abdominal pain. If your kid has been complaining about an abdominal pain, do not delay in seeing a specialist in your area. Keep in mind that 9 out of 10 children with abdominal pain are misdiagnosed. This is because kids cannot explain the symptoms and many of them are shy or introvert. What is abdominal pain? What are the possible causes and symptoms you should be aware about? There are parents who seem to have no knowledge of the symptoms, causes and treatments of abdominal pain in kids. Here below you can find some helpful information.

Causes of abdominal pain

You should take a note here that most abdominal pain and related symptoms in kids are mostly related to their age. For instance, kids aged below five years do not usually suffer from ovarian cyst. On the other hand, kids aged below 10 years do not generally suffer from colitis. There are psychological factors as well that should be taken in consideration. Here below are the possible causes of abdominal pain in babies aged between 0-3 years explained.

Causes of abdominal pain in infants (0-3 years)

Trapped gas or wind

We, human beings, inhale air when crying or talking. Babies also inhale air when sucking and the air goes in with the feeds. Excessive air inhalation may create a column of air in the intestinal tube of the kids. This air or gas can cause chronic pain the abdominal area. Babies who are breastfed or bottle-fed are prone to air inhalation and resultant abdominal pain though bottle-feed babies suffer usually more than the breast-fed ones.

Common symptoms of abdominal ache in infants

Some of the common signs and symptoms you should be aware of are:

•             Twisting and wriggling during or after bottle-feeding

•             Distended abdomen

•             Excessive burping

•             Passing of flatus

Steps you should take

You, as a parent of a kid who is groaning in abdominal pain, should take the case as a medical emergency and you should rush to a specialist near you. However, prevention is always better than cure and you can try using a smaller feeding-bottle teat so that your baby does not inhale a lot of air. Comfort your kid by making him or her sit straight on your shoulder and gently pat on the back. Expect a couple of burps which means that the extra air is being squeezed out. Seek medical help if these home remedies do not work.

How to find a pediatrician easily?

One easy way to find excellent home remedies or a specialist near you is to go online and search on Google. Do not just type in a general query like “What is abdominal pain?”. Instead, make your query more specific and you will definitely find a solution online.

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