The Queue: Do you wanna build a frost wyrm?

Posted by wengzhujing on January 27th, 2014

What is the one feature in the game that has remained static for the longest? Most things have changed in some form of another, wow gold sale,but what hasn't changed, and how could it be changed for the better?

Skinning. It still works exactly the way it always has -- get knife, kill animal, skin animal. No changes. You could probably file First Aid under that too, for that matter. It hasn't really seen much in the way of changes, except that the quests involved with First Aid have been removed, which somehow has made the process even more breathtakingly dull.On a non-profession front, the original backpack you have when you log in has never changed to my recollection. It's the same size it has always been since day one of the game.

What is the raid boss against which you have wiped the most? And how many wipes did it take to secure the kill? I honestly don't know how many times we wiped on him, but Raganaros in vanilla WoW took my raid guild two months to kill. And that was after I joined the guild -- I have no idea how long they were working on him before I began raiding with them. We weren't a terrible guild by any stretch of the imagination -- we were the top Horde guild on our server, and if I recall correctly, the Alliance beat us to the kill by just a couple of weeks. Raiding was pretty brutal back then. Strats that may seem really easy today were incredibly difficult at that time, just because you had to factor in things like fire resist and the overall health and dps of the average raider, which ... well, let's face it, wasn't much back then!

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