6 Princess Birthday Party Games And Activities

Posted by princesses1 on October 5th, 2020

No birthday party is ever complete without games, so today we are bringing you a roundup of the best party games to play at a princess birthday party in Edmonton. Right from classic party games you already might know with a princess twist to a handful of new one, this post is a comprehensive list of all the party games that will help you throw a perfect princess birthday party for your little girl.

Cinderella’s lost slipper

This princess-themed party game is more of a scavenger hunt where the players are supposed to look for Cindrella’s lost slipper. To play this game, hide a shoe and then give your players a set of time to find it (say 10-15 mins) thereafter whoever finds the shoe will win a prize.

Royal treasure hunt

In this game, hide lots of chocolate coins around the party venue and ask the girls to find as many as they potentially can. Whoever finds the treasure wins and gets to keep it.

Make princess wands

This party crafter game is a rather calm party activity and a good way to curb hyperactivity especially if your party guests get a little too excited playing party games. To execute this game, give the kids some wooden chopsticks, cardboard, paint and lots of things to decorate like ribbons and jewels. Finally, click a group picture of the little princesses waving their beautiful wands.

Princess says-

A rather classic version of “simon says”. In this game nominate one person to be the princess and to give instructions to the rest of the group like “princess says stand on one leg” or “princess says clap your hands”. In case they give an instruction that doesn't start with the princess says then nobody in the group must follow the instruction, the one who does is out. Play until there is only one person left in the game who happens to be the winner.

Bibbity Bobbity, boo

Sit all the children in a circle and make one child “it”. Ask this child to walk around the circle and tap each child on head saying “Bibbity or bobbity”. If the child in case says “boo”instead of “bibbity” or “bobbity” then the child who has been tapped must stand up and start chasing the other child around the circle. If they fail to tag the other child before they sit down in their space then they are “it”.

Cindrella’s ball

Play some regal sounding music and get all your players to dance. When the music stops they must stand as still as a statue. Now walk around the room, if you spot anyone moving they are out. Play until you find the winner.

There you have it - your princess-themed party games for your little one's next birthday. Now head over to princesses in the park to buy essential Princess Birthday Party in Edmonton supplies.

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