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Posted by Flipmac on October 5th, 2020

According to statistics from The American Pet Products Association, pet ownership has gone from 56 to 68 percent of the population over the last 30 years. Additionally, 85 million households in America have pets, including Millenials and Generation Z.

 Some companies already used k9 training software or any software pet app for a more modernized service. But as people continue to embrace pet-owning, it is essential to know the cultural changes that affect clients’ preferences in owning a pet. Through this, you will learn how to adjust your management to keep customers satisfied. Below are some of the trends you can take advantage of for your pet business.

Trend #1: Technology

We see today that most pet businesses already adopted the use of k9 training software. The initiative was out of people’s presence over the internet for the most time of the day. Appointments and reservations became available in a software pet app to use mobile phones to get it done. Smartphones and the internet empowered this change. Not long after booking software existed, many pet service businesses began looking for the best dog daycare software.

Trend #2: Food

Traditional foods for dogs aren’t so much appealing to pet owners these days. They already studied and checked facts for their dogs, and all they want are just healthy ingredients and nothing more. Have the best dog daycare software for your business where clients can give food specifications for their pets. It makes pet owners comfortable knowing that their dogs are eating the right food while they are away.

Trend #3: Services

Pet businesses today do not settle to only one service for their business. Pet training, pet grooming, pet boarding, and even pet transportation are now offered by most pet businesses. People look for k9 training software that caters to more than just pieces of training. In this case, K9Sky is the best dog daycare software companies can use because it is a software pet app usable for any service offered.

 While there is still a lot to learn about trends in the pet industry, technology, food, and services are the prominent trends that drive business productivity. These three are the most dynamic among all factors in a company’s success.

 With the changing and developing generation, pet owner preferences also evolve. They become modernized, as with technology, gets better and better each time. As a pet business owner, how do you keep up with the trends in the pet industry?

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