A cloud reseller program helps you get started as an IT entrepreneur

Posted by AllmaJess on January 28th, 2014

In the IT space it makes a lot of sense when you have a big name to back you up, especially if you are a new entrepreneur in this domain. There are enough established IT service providers for all the clients in the world to partner with. Why would someone give you the chance no matter how good you think you are? Every company wants to service its customers in the best possible way and they would always want to opt for tried and tested solutions. However, as a new entrepreneur you can always consider a cloud reseller program offered by many prospective cloud partners.

Cloud technology is not new but it is comparatively new. The largest organizations moved to cloud quite some time ago. But there are numerous companies that are moving to cloud even as you read this piece. The opportunities are there but you need to grab those opportunities and when you have cloud partners to back you up grabbing the opportunities is much easier.

The cloud reseller program is a partner program that can offer you the right IT platforms that can be white labelled in the name of your organization. There are some significant solutions that are available as part of the package. All of these are hosted solutions on the cloud that allow you to reach out to those prospective customers that are deliberating a movement towards cloud computing.

Hosted desktop is a top solution and it is a part of any cloud reseller program. As part of this solution you are able to offer data centre storage and virtual desktop environment to your customers. Data security is a threat for any organization and through virtual desktop solutions you can take their data security to a much higher level. Your customer data will be safe from hackers and it will be safe from internal threats as well. Your customers can choose from data centre physical servers to virtual servers on the cloud.

Another solution that you can offer as part of your cloud reseller program is hosted SharePoint and exchange. You manage SharePoint and email for your customers and they will be delighted with the fact that they don’t need to get into the intricacies of managing these systems. There is online storage that any of the cloud partners will offer and you can offer online storage to your customers as part of the reseller program. There is also solution available in the form of CRM hosting.

Of course your customers will pay heed to you when you choose from the best cloud partners and use their reseller program. There are many established IT firms that offer their reseller programs to new entrants in this space. You will, of course, need to go through the profiles of these partners and choose one among them with credentials worth showing.

Opt for a cloud reseller program from one of the established cloud partners and your business could really go ways. Once you get started you will simply keep going.

There are many prospective cloud partners that allow you to choose their cloud reseller program and become the IT entrepreneur you always wanted to.

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