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Posted by sophiamilller on January 28th, 2014

When you consider flatshare London you would often equate it with the phrase “the sum of parts is more than the whole”. What this means is that for those with sparerooms available it makes more sense to rent out to different people than to a family, for instance. This is because the total of the payments made by the different tenants will be more than what a family would pay as rent.

Many property owners do nothing about their sparerooms. Some of these rooms are treated as junk rooms where all the useless stuff is piled. Some just keep their spare rooms closed because they don’t require it. In both these cases these rooms get damaged. It is common knowledge that when a room is not utilized and kept just like that they tend to go bad. This is simply because they are not maintained. Formation of mould, accumulation of dirt and dust and peeling paints are common in these unutilized rooms. A great option to make money out of these unutilized rooms is to let them out as flatshare London.

How much can one make from letting out sparerooms? This completely depends on the locality and the size of the spare room. A posh locality and a large room would obviously fetch more. Every locality has fixed rent rates and it is easy to find the information online.

What is more important is that as a property owner one should be able to find proper tenants. And for this the best option is to advertise in online directories. These online directories are frequented by those looking for flatshare London. So, when someone advertises about sparerooms in these online directories they are bound to be seen by the prospective tenants. Some of the directories are free but they still enjoy great visibility. The paid ads in these directories are more popular because they are more visible. When someone pays to be listed in these paid ads they tend to get better enquiries. These paid ads have different plans depending on the placement of the ad and the duration of the ad. Again someone can use the internet to find out more about the paid plans.

Once some enquiries are received about flatshare London the property owner must meet the prospective tenants. This is when both the landlord and the tenant size each other up. Wavelengths match during such meetings and the landlord decides to choose the tenant and vice versa. This will also ensure clarification of rules and responsibilities.

Through flatshare London one can make excellent amount of money. One spare room can be rented out to two or three tenants and one can make anywhere between £400 and £1,200 from each of them. Sparerooms are available throughout the city and most of the tenants are those that are alone. Students make a large chunk of this population. The advantage of renting to students is that one keeps getting new tenants all the time and this means constant money flowing in throughout the year.

Know about utilizing sparerooms and renting as flatshare London and you will know that you can make good money out of it.

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