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Posted by Johny Dean on January 29th, 2014

Roofers are professionals that perform a variety of duties, from installing and repairing roofs on residential and commercial buildings to cutting and installing various items connected to the roof, such as solar panels, ventilation fans or green plants.

To be able to undertake such responsibilities, roofers are required to have an excellent knowledge on roofing and anything related to this activity, and the right tools to perform any project to the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

A roofer Stockport can be contacted in two different situations: when a house gets erected and, obviously, requires a roof, or when an existing roof needs to be replaced with a new one. Whatever the situation, the roofer needs to take exact measurements, to know how much roofing material to order.

Roofers cannot and should not rely on the measurements made by people who hire them or by other roofers, who have taken some measurements before them. If they are professional, they need to take the measurements themselves.

Because of this, roofers need experience in setting up the scaffolding that allows them to climb on the top of the house and inspect the space there. Thus, it can be said that another responsibility of a professional roofer Stockport is the ability to climb ladders safely, besides working at heights.

After checking the current state of an existing roof or after talking with a builder Stockport about constructing the roof of a new building, the roofer gives recommendations on the most appropriate roofing materials that can be used in each particular case.

Roofers also need to feature very good mathematical skills, since they have to calculate how many tiles or shingles are needed to cover a roof, the angles at which roofing materials need to be positioned, and the diameters of various items that are usually encountered near roofs, like ducts or ventilation fans.

It is no surprise that another responsibility of a builder Stockport that provides roofing services is to maintain himself in good shape. Roofers have to climb, kneel and bend a lot, not to mention they have to carry some heavy equipment with them all the way to the top.

At the beginning, roofers are not that experienced and they could suffer from serious injuries, if they do not look after themselves properly. Thankfully, another duty of roofers, besides protecting themselves against falls, electrocution and fire, is to protect their colleagues against the same hazards.

Laying a roof involves arranging roofing materials in a certain order and then verifying if they have been properly positioned. But, in most cases, the job of a roofer does not stop there. Roofers are required to waterproof and weatherproof roofs by sanding them and then applying specific liquid solutions.

Moreover, roofers need to be skilled at installing solar panels, sky lights, and even green plants, because many of today's clients are interested in green energy and want to show some social and environmental responsibility by installing green energy sources on their roof.

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