The importance of virtual desktop providers is on the rise

Posted by AllmaJess on January 29th, 2014

Have you ever tried storing files on the cloud? The job is exceedingly simple. All you need to do is connect with the cloud server using the internet and upload the file you want to store. Once this is done you are secure with the knowledge that the file will never get lost, even if you were to have your hard drive destroyed. For the best solutions for file storage in cloud use the services of virtual desktop providers.

Cloud networking is almost identical with LAN networking except for the fact that there are no LAN cables needed in cloud computing. In regular networking one has to be connected to the server through a LAN cable to access it. In cloud networking the server is accessed through an online secure line. An immediate benefit can be seen – when someone uses cloud computing they can log in from anywhere using the internet. Of course, one has to have the right credentials to be able to log in and access the files stored in the server. The virtual desktop providers can also set up access controls so that not every file is accessible for everyone.

Many individual users use cloud storage, especially those who are in the habit of downloading media files. The smarter users don’t spend money on external hard drives – they find out about the best cloud storage servers and store their files for free in these servers. Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and Dropbox are three examples of cloud servers that one can use without paying anything. Of course there is a limit to the space that is made available to them. For additional space they are required to pay but the cost is much less than paying for a physical hard drive.

The virtual desktop providers work more in the business space. The concept is same – operating systems, applications and data are stored in a cloud server. There are access controls built in and the server can be accessed online. An employee cannot feel any difference because they get a virtual desktop experience when they connect with the server online. But any work they do can only be saved on the server. So even if someone were to lose their laptop or compromise the data wouldn’t be able to.

There is huge cost implication on using virtual desktops. The cost of virtual desktops is already lower than physical desktops and it is estimated that in 2013 40% of physical desktops worldwide were replaced by virtual desktops. This is not a small number we are talking about. And if organizations are finding value in cloud storage offered by virtual desktop providers there has to be something special about it.

Organizations have been able to reduce their hardware cost by 40% by partnering with virtual desktop providers. Further cost is being saved by reducing office space and allowing employees to work from home. And because the employees can use cloud storage their efficiency levels have also been increased. And the provider always keeps an eye on the proceedings.

For the most effective cloud storage solutions use the services provided by the virtual desktop providers.

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