How To Nail Registrations For Your Next Event

Posted by planaheadevents on January 29th, 2014

It is said that a first impression is a lasting impression and the key to achieve an effective start for your event is to maintain a seamless registration system. A good registration system is imperative to the success of corporate events and can make or break an attendee’s decision to attend the event. So, let’s take a look at a few things that are required to make an event registration process effective.

Make technology your friend
The days of handling registrations on paper are over. The archaic methods of registration cause confusion, headaches, and mistakes; hence, use online registration software to make event registration simpler and increase event participation.

Create a registration page that is simple and easy
An event registration process that is hard to navigate and forces users to go through multiple pages will lead to less attendees. Filling out page after page of registration information can annoy your registrants. So, keep it simple and user friendly. Presenting necessary information and sign up forms in a clean single page format is the best way to go.

Ask only relevant questions
Focus on only asking the questions you need to effectively run your event. If a question doesn’t fall into the category of something you can actually use to improve your event and offer a better experience to attendees, it shouldn’t end up on your registration form.

Don’t offer too many choices
It can be hard for people to decide what is the best value or best package for them. So, don’t offer too many choices to people as they may get confused or overwhelmed, and as a result they may decide to complete the registration later. Worse still, they may never return to register themselves.

Include all the information that pertains to the attendees
If you want people to register for your event, you definitely need to make a point of including vital information, parking information, directions, location, and date and time that they will need when they are thinking about whether they can attend or not. This information is going to be crucial for the success of your event.

Let the attendees choose their own preferences
During the business event planning, set up a way for your attendees to choose their own preferences before the event. The best registration systems will make this process easy for attendees, and will even provide reports that can be shared with event organizers. This will ensure that all preferences are updated at all times, leading to happier attendees and smoother events.

Make a good impression
A good registration experience can really make or break how a person feels about a corporate event, long before they attend. Put the name, face and number of someone they can contact for help. Just knowing there is someone for help can leave a good impression on the attendees.

Show that you care
Have a privacy policy on the form so people feel safe sharing their information with you.
The registration process is critically important for an event as it is the first real interaction attendees have with the event host.

Therefore, it is imperative that any significant event has a registration process that is run by highly experienced, event planning company like Plan Ahead Events that has years of experience and skills to make your event registration process smooth and effective, leading to a great event.

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