?Fifty Shades of Grey? tension on set after director Sam Taylor-Johnson, author

Posted by FiftyShades on January 29th, 2014

It is often said that where there are two women involved, there cannot be peace. Have Erica James, the brain behind the “Fifty Shades...” trilogy and Sam Taylor-Johnson, the brain behind the cinematic adaptation of the first novel in the trilogy set out to prove this statement true? We sure hope not. But if the gossip mills are to be trusted, then these two women are supposedly fighting it out on the sets of their movie in Vancouver. Though the author and mother of two teenage sons, Erica James has taken to Twitter, Sam Taylor-Johnson in tow to dispel such rumours, an insider from the set has spilled the beans about what has really been happening.

Rumour has it that Erica James and Sam Taylor-Johnson have disagreed on the perspective from which the film is to be made. The women, who are equally gifted in their respective crafts, have together posted a picture of them on Twitter where they have posed with their fists clenched showing off their best fight moves, mockingly of course. The photo that the author and the director posed for was incidentally clicked in a hardware store (or the set that has been set up to resemble the hardware store which is an important location both in the novel and in the film).

This hardware store is the same which goes by the name of Clayton’s and is Anastasia’s part time employer, and this is where Grey and she meet for the second time, after what has been dubbed as a disastrous encounter between the two. Actually, in the novel and in the film too, Ana goes to interview the self made billionaire Christian Grey for the college magazine that her friend and roommate Kate Kavanagh works for, since she was taken ill and could not conduct the interview herself. After interacting with Grey and taking a less than satisfactory interview, Ana is loathing in despair and thinks that they would not meet again. 

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