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Posted by best4balls on January 29th, 2014

You might think that a golf ball is just a golf ball, but its structure and quality can actually help you improve your game and your scores. The best golf balls are made with the highest manufacturing standards, with designs and patents that are backed by thorough research and development. Your golfing ability may not be the same as your friend's or your colleague, so most manufacturers create different kinds of golf balls to match your game and expertise. It’s now easy to buy quality golf balls from the internet based on your playing ability. Make sure that you're getting the best quality products by keeping these tips in mind.

  1. Look at websites specialising in sporting goods and golfing products, such as Best4Balls. If you're buying used golf balls, check the grading scale before buying. Those pearl grade (sometimes called AAAAA) balls are almost in mint condition, meaning, they were only used for half a round or less. The highest quality is pearl AAAAA or, and the lowest is grade C (or AA). Even the lowest grades are good enough for first-timers, beginners, or for use as practise balls. Grade A (or AAAA) quality are golf balls have been used for a few holes. They might be slightly discoloured or blemished, but the flight characteristics and integrity should not be compromised. There are also Grade B (or AAA golf balls), which are in fair condition with slight blemishes and scuffs. Minor discolouration and smudges may be present.
  1. Check the construction of the golf ball. If you want less feel and more distance, choose golf balls that are made using two pieces: a one-piece interior and a cover. You can often tell if it's a two-piece ball if 'low-spin' and 'extra distance' are indicated, plus it will feel hard if you bounce the ball. If you're a beginner, try a two-piece golf ball designed for very little spin and extra distance.
  1. If you want the ball to stop faster (more spin) and feel softer, go for a three, four or five piece golf ball. These are higher spin balls that may fly a little higher and feel softer. Some companies are manufacturing golf balls that fly and perform according to your swing speed, which is why they can vary between 3-5 layers. Four and five piece golf balls will spin more than the three piece, are promoted as the tour option golf ball by the manufacturer. They are all designed to offer less spin with a driver, and spin more with a higher lofted club.
  1. Try one box to see how they perform and test them well with each club. Take a note of the ball's response, feel and distance compared to your previous ball. If you're satisfied with a specific ball's spin, flight and distance, call of our team and they will be happy to advise and find the correct golf ball for your game.

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The article is written by Daryl Scott, who is associated with best4balls. Best4balls have the biggest selection of golf balls online in the UK and Europe. Our prices are checked daily to ensure that we offer you the best prices and selection online. Most of our golf balls are available both logo and personalized for printing your company logo, text, photo or image.

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