As word spread following the first phase

Posted by wowingold on January 29th, 2014

As word spread following the first phase, subsequent phases saw more and more people as both the number applying for Beta increased, and more access emails were being sent out. ff14 gil  Early Access began August 24th for those who had pre-ordered the game, and server issues were almost instantaneous. Popular servers that were used during previous Beta phases were the first to be filled, along with every other North American and European server, forcing some to move to the Japanese servers entirely while waiting an open slot. Sever restart after restart was issued during the first week, along with a barrage of patches designed to combat the reoccurring problems from test phases as well as new ones.
    A week later things were a bit more stable, though players were understandably left with a bit of a sour taste in their mouth. Free game time was given to all current players equal to the week of problems they had, as a sign of goodwill and an attempt to show appreciation for sticking with them through the initial rough patch. New servers were introduced in the subsequent weeks too, and the population spread out with most server issues disappearing thanks to the hard work of the development team that never seemed to sleep during launch.

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