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Why Cisco CDR reporting is essential for a successful business

Posted by audreytaylor on January 29th, 2014

The secret of a successful business? Well, it’s simple: try with the professional Cisco CDR reporting package offered by Variphy and the level of productivity will automatically increase! A long list of features and options transform Cisco Call accounting into the perfect solution for having an accurate analysis of all the calls performed by each and every department of your company. In only a couple of minutes, you can browse all the CDR logs and understand who and why has made the phone calls. Transparent and efficient, the system is definitely an investment worth your money and attention. Convenient prices and additional technical care included add to the list of arguments in favour of considering the Variphy solution in order to improve your company’s call management! Try it today!

Today’s business world values more than anything the use of state-of-the-art technologies and systems. Innovation is no more an exotic word but a business principle. In this context, Cisco CDR reporting seems an indispensable tool in the management of all internal communications. According to specialists and simple clients alike, the Cisco Call accounting system is definitely a great step forward.

Why to switch to Cisco CDR reporting offered by Variphy? Well, there are several reasons in favour of such a decision. First of all, it is very easy to use: from now on with a couple of clicks you can have the entire history of all calls done and received within a determined period of time. All you have to do is enter the parameters and start the search: you will have a Cisco Call accounting report in minutes!

This brings us to the second main reason: you can generate various types of reports. Due to this professional Cisco Call accounting system it is very easy to learn who dialled the emergency numbers, how many phone calls were made during one week and from which department, who dialled over the PSTN. Also, you can request information for one or several extensions or for all of them.

Of course, these reports simplify and enhance the work of upper management. For example, if the human resource department wants to assess the work in the sales department, the history of the calls made can be of great help. All you have to do is generate the report and send them via email to the right person…it really doesn’t get simpler or easier than this!

The truth is that until the last years not many managers paid attention to this aspect. However, recently, Cisco CDR reporting has gained a lot of importance in the management of a business. After all, even the smallest details can affect the overall productivity of a company. From what it seems, call accounting is one of the details that make a difference. Learn today all about Variphy’s best products!

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