Avoid Parabens for a Healthy Skin and Body

Posted by Admin on January 31st, 2014

Beauty may be skin deep but that does not stop people from buying creams and lotions that prevent ageing and wrinkles. While this is a very common practice, lot of people do not realize what they are subjecting their skin to on an everyday basis. Most of the beauty products that are in the market are packed with artificial substances, mostly chemical component that may be very harmful for the skin.

Man-Made Chemicals

Some of the body lotions and creams use artificial chemicals which serves various purposes. Paraben is one such component which is used as a preservative in many beauty products. Paraben is easy and less expensive to produce. This chemical prevents the growth of bacteria in moisturizers, toiletries and anti-ageing skin care lotions thus extending the shelf life. This cost-effective preservative, after careful research, has been linked to many health issues.

Effects of Paraben

Using skin care lotions and other creams containing paraben is said to block the endocrine system and induce hormonal imbalance in the human body. Underarm deodorants which contained paraben is are said to be one of the causes of breasts tumors in women which was confirmed by a series of mastectomy pathological tests. Even if you are not a person who uses a deodorant paraben can still find a way to penetrate deep into your skin via the skin moisturizers you use every day.

User Friendly Beauty Products

The presence of parabens is also related to premature ageing in women, developmental disorders and immunity dysfunction in infants. Adding paraben as one of the anti-ageing skin care ingredients tends to make the skin very sensitive to ultra violet rays and any exposure to it causes the skin cells to die. So even if you give into the temptation of buying the newest beauty product in the market, make sure you check the contents of it. Since moisturizers and other sun screen products have become very essential for day to day use, make sure you buy products that have a paraben free label on it. You can also check out online stores that have an extensive collection of beauty products that are free of paraben. Avoid buying lotions or gels that does not display the components or a product that has its label ripped off. To know more about products free of paraben you can also talk to a skin specialist and make a better choice.

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