Find Protection from Noise, Humidity and Strong Impact with Cork Floors

Posted by CesarMuler on January 31st, 2014

There’s a long list of advantages that make cork floors so popular among homeowners and commercial spaces. Find out more about the main features presented by cork floors and see if this type of covering can be a good solution for your own needs and requirements.

Opting for cork floors is one the most eco friendly solutions on the market. The bark from oak trees is harvested without harming the trees, and as it is a large industry, it obeys several governmental regulations, such as harvesting only the trees that are at least 25 years old. This eco friendly, or so called “green” option for covering your floors has become so commonly used also because the long term warrantees practiced by most cork floors manufacturers.

A majority of cork floors traders offer around five years warrantee for their products in case of commercial use and about twenty-five for home use. This is so because of the highly resistant quality provided by cork floors. The components and installing method for this type of floor covering material make it resistant to noise, fluids, strong impact and another important feature is that it traps warmth.

The cork underlayment is what makes cork flooring an ideal option for hospitals, libraries and audio register studios. The 3mm, 6mm or 11 mm cork underlayment density function both as an acoustic and thermal insulator. You can apply cork underlayment on almost any type of flooring and what you get is excellent protection from noise, as well as subfloor rot and degradation.

Some cork floors manufacturers may provide cork underlayment samples to your orders, so that you are able to immediately recognize the advantages of adding cork underlayment to your floating cork floors. With cork underlayment you can achieve protection from degradation caused by humidity for your basements, kitchens and bathrooms. You will also be glad to discover how cheep cork underlayment is with most manufacturers.

Due to the air pockets and cellular structure of cork tiles you obtain a certain level of protection from strong impacts. The elastic features presented by cork flooring ensure a sort of cushioning effect when falling occurs. This way you protect your children or elder members of your family from severe injuries in case of falling accidents.

Now that you have acquired some basic knowledge on the various features cork flooring is endowed with, you can go online and search for a reliable trader. It’s a good idea to visit official websites and have a look at the photo gallery of available products, check extra services and ask for free quotes. Another important feature of cork flooring is that you can easily install it by do-it-yourself methods. There are tutorials that assist you wit this process and online shop assistants can help you with various tips and additional products you may require for the installation. So, make your online research and hire professional cork flooring services and benefit from its numerous positive aspects.

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