Discover the Many Uses of Cork Tiles

Posted by CesarMuler on January 31st, 2014

There are many reasons why cork tiles have become so popular with homeowners or public spaces, and this article focuses on the various utilities of cork tiles. Learn how you can improve your lifestyle and bring more comfort and modern design to your surrounding interiors. 

Industries that specialize on cork tiles manufacturing comply with governmental rules for the interest of protecting the environment. You can find so many practical uses for cork tiles and be eco-friendly at the same time. Cork tiles are manufactured from oak trees’ bark, causing no harm to the trees, as it grows back, while remaining a natural resource.  

Cork tiles can be used for covering your floors, walls, stairs, or may be used as shelves and hangers. They are easy to install and are traded for very convenient prices. You can find many extra services and additional products when online searching for cork tiles providers.

Due to their fluid resistant feature you can install cork tiles in your bathrooms or basements. Cork tiles are fairly easy to maintain in good condition for a long time. That’s why you’re able to benefit from up to twenty-five years warrantees with a majority of cork tile suppliers.

If you need to acoustically isolate your walls you can purchase cork tiles along with additional underlayment. This can be a perfect solution for audio register studios, or for the halls of various institutions that are highly exposes to traffic, such as hospitals or libraries. You can find online cork tile manufacturers that can provide you with acoustical test report license for their products, in case you require cork flooring for this specific feature.

Browsing through photo galleries of cork tiles can give you many inspiring ideas. You can benefit from the extra space you have in your home or office, and use it in the most efficient way with cork tiles. You can create bulletin boards, for an example, or add more shelves to your cabinets. You can improvise a bookcase in your office by attaching as many shelves as you require.

You no longer need to invest in various pieces of furniture when you have cork tiles. A cork tile can serve you as a hanger, wherever you may need it. The color variation available for cork tiles can also enable you to bring more style to your walls. You will surely find a cork tile shade that best complements your decorating style. So, have fun while browsing through the latest designs for these products.

Now that you have raised awareness on the multiple functions you can benefit from with cork tiles you should go online and start your research for a reliable and convenient manufacturer in this industry. It’s a good idea to purchase your tiles directly from the manufacturers, as you can always find lower costs, than with local shops. Have fun while browsing through photo exhibitions and be creative while making use of multiple functional cork tiles.

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