Rely on the Benefits Brought to You by Cork Flooring

Posted by CesarMuler on January 31st, 2014

Cork floors are impressively sought after by property owners and highly trafficked public places, and this fact can only bring even more advantages for those interested in purchasing this eco-friendly material. Discover the numerous benefits of cork flooring.

If you haven’t yet decided what type of covering to choose for your floors, than you should learn more about the benefits you can find with cork flooring. First of all, acknowledge that this is one of the most eco-friendly materials you can find on the market. This is so, because manufacturers comply with governmental rules that imply only at least 25 years of age trees can be used for this industry, and only the bark is harvested. The oak tree is not harmed, as the bark regenerates in time, and the tree remains the natural resource that is so important for our environment.

Cork tiles are very easy to install and maintain. Whether you opt for tiles or planks you can find tutorials and complete product packages to help you with the installation process. If you are convinced you want to apply do-it-yourself methods, then you should purchase cork planks, as they are less difficult to install. You can rely on online manufacturers who trade uniclic cork planks and assist you with the installation, through online tutorials and tips and a complete set of necessary equipment.

Cork flooring protects you from noise, humidity and strong impacts. This material contains so called air pockets and has a cellular structure that is noise insulating, entraps warmth and is resistant to fluids. You can protect your basements from rot and damages by installing floating cork floors.

You are advised to also purchase the cork underlayment if you want to rely on the noise insulator feature of this type of material. Highly populated places, such as libraries and hospitals can find great benefits with cork floors for their halls. Cork flooring can also be great for audio register studios. Unlike other materials that may provide the same benefits, this one is very affordable, especially if you choose to work with online manufacturers.

Apart from all the positive aspects mentioned so far, you can benefit from very long term warrantees. Reputable manufacturers in this domain are able to provide customers with up to 25 years warrantees for home use, and around 5 years with public use of cork flooring.      

You will also be delighted to discover the great variety of shades and designs for modern cork floors. The golden yellow shades can impress those who prefer lighter interior decorations, but darker shades of nutty brown can also look very attractive. It’s up to you to decide which style works best for your own taste of style.

Therefore, you can start your personal online research, so that you became aware of your alternatives related to the services provided by cork flooring manufacturers. Read tutorials, ask for quotes, compare prices and hire the best services you can find in this industry.

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