Are Guns and Ammunition a Sound Financial Investment?

Posted by on October 7th, 2020

Firearms enthusiasts may have heard that guns are an excellent investment. That is simply considered a given by many of those same firearm enthusiasts. However, is that true? Do gun values consistently appreciate, or at the very least, not depreciate with time? The answer is—in general, guns and ammunition are actually a sound investment. However, there is a caveat—guns and ammo can make for a sound investment when done right. There are a number of ways that firearms and ammunition investment can be made, and a few good tips on doing it right.

Areas of Investment

High-Quality Firearms

The area of firearms investment that is likely the one most commonly considered by gun enthusiasts is also the one that is often the most appealing to them—buying high-quality firearms. This is generally the most appealing because it involves gun enthusiasts getting to own more guns. It can be tricky, though, as some models may not hold their value. Plus, their owners actually do have to sell those guns at some point to see that return on their investment. For gun enthusiasts, that can be a painful proposition.

Rare, Antique, and Collectible Firearms

Investing in rare, antique, and collectible guns is a niche not unlike investing in coins, stamps, art, comic books, or anything else rare, antique, and collectible. This can be an excellent investment route as classic and antique guns that are considered collectible and remain in good repair, in general, tend to at least not depreciate in value and often will appreciate.


Ammunition investment can be overlooked by gun enthusiasts and tends to be more of a short-term investment. Ammo investment is more about “flipping” ammunition than investing in it for long periods of time.

Buying Stock

One of the more traditional firearms and ammo investment routes is investing in the firearms and ammo companies themselves. It can certainly pay off, but the stock market is notoriously volatile.

Firearms and Ammunition Investment Tips

There are a few good tips to keep in mind for those hoping to make the most of their investment.

● As is the case with any other investment, you have to buy low and sell high. So look for deals. Online marketplaces like can be a good place to keep an eye out.

● Keep your guns in good working order. Guns that are not in good repair are, of course, worth less money.

● Do not aggressively clean antique or collectible guns, as you might damage them.

● Keep your guns and ammo safe and secure.

● Keep legality in mind. Gun laws and regulations can vary considerably from state to state. Portions of your investment may prove illegal if you move to another state.


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