Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson shoot Fifty Shades scenes... in a hardware store

Posted by BrielleFoster on February 1st, 2014

The news from the set of “Fifty Shades...” always fascinates the followers and the fans of the trilogy and when it involves the shooting of a scene that has sexual connotations and implications, it is ‘bound’ to be interesting. Having already shot the ‘contract scene’ and the ‘cafe scene’ and also the scene where Ana gets a red Audi as a gift from the billionaire entrepreneur Christian Grey, because he thinks her old VW Beetle is not safe enough, the pair is now busy shooting crucial scenes in a hardware store in Ladner. 

It is a crucial scene because the lead pair of Ana and Grey meets in this hardware store and from here they embark on a journey that is filled with pain and pleasure, if you know what we mean. In the novel written by Erica James, the lead pair of Ana and Grey has a chance encounter for the first time when the naive college graduate Ana goes to take Grey’s interview for the college paper that her friend Kate writes for. But it was actually Kate, who was supposed to go for the interview, but you can say that Grey and Ana were destined to meet each other.

It was Kate’s sudden illness that made Anastasia go for the interview in her place. Christian and Ana meet for the interview, but the latter dubs it as a less than satisfactory interaction and hope that they never meet again, but as fate would have it, they meet again and where you ask? It is this very hardware store, but you must also be wondering, what a college graduate was doing in a hardware store as was a self made billionaire. Well, it so happens that Ana works in this hardware store, called Clayton’s as a part time employee and Christian Grey makes a stop here to buy things like masking tapes, , ropes and cables, and since he is a BDSM aficionado, we can only guess why he needs all these! 

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