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Posted by Johny Dean on February 1st, 2014

No matter if we are talking about domestic or commercial appliance or even industrial equipment, air conditioners have improved greatly our lives. However, it is not sufficient to simply purchase such a device, it also needs to be properly installed, maintained and repaired over time. What should we expect when hiring a company that specializes in air conditioning in Shrewsbury?

There are several types of services that air conditioning Shrewsbury companies offer: they provide equipment installations, maintenance, repairs and, some of them, appliance rental. Depending on the services that we are interested in, there are numerous issues we have to consider. For instance, if we are looking for someone who installs air conditioning in Shrewsbury and we ask persons that have already had such devices installed to recommend us a company, we should not ask only about experience and prices, but also about the way the technicians communicate with the customers. There are many aspects we need to know in order to maintain an air conditioner and it would be only normally for a specialist to inform us regarding such matters.

After they have installed the appliance, a dedicated specialist in air conditioning Shrewsbury located should tell us what we have to do in order to keep the device as efficient as possible. Unless we maintain it properly, an air conditioner will not only deteriorate and function poorly, but it will also consume more and more energy. For instance, the filters and the evaporator coil have to be cleaned or even replaced on a regular basis; the coil fins are easily bent and need to be straightened from time to time using special tools; the drain channels have to be kept unclogged. Also, it is preferable to store the appliance or cover it during winter, especially if it is an outdoor unit. It is not very difficult to take care of all these aspects and, thus, extend the air conditioner’s life and improve its efficiency. But it is important that we are told all these things from the start by a reliable specialist in air conditioning in Shrewsbury.

Of course, no matter how well we manage to maintain appliances, they are always bound to break at some point. But skilled air conditioning Shrewsbury specialists should be able to fix them in most situations. What should we expect a technician to do on a maintenance check-up or when repairing the appliance? If they do a thorough job, technicians would normally check if there is enough refrigerant in the system and test the air conditioner for eventual leaks. If any amount of refrigerant has to be removed from the system, they should not simply release it to the atmosphere, but capture it according to the legal provisions. Also, they should make sure that the airflow through the evaporator coil meets the standards, oil the motors and inspect the belts, check the electric connections and test the thermostat’s accuracy as well. As long as the technician follows all these steps on a regular maintenance visit, it means that we are dealing with a professional and responsible company that specializes in air conditioning in Shrewsbury.

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