Apply to a job through Resume or Social Media?

Posted by CoolestInterviewEver on February 2nd, 2014

Sometimes the lag between technology and automation is baffling. We are talking about the major strides in mobile technology, social networks and the job application process. The job market is still mostly traditional, which means the gate keepers for jobs and opportunities are largely NOT tech savvy. HR and business are more reactionary to new toys and gadgets. For instance, 10 years after its creation and after 1.2 billion people have signed up, most companies have now started using Facebook and twitter as a recruiting tool.

One extremely frustrating thing that job seekers experience on a regular basis is the cumbersome, clumsy and ridiculous amount of time it takes to apply for work today. In 2014, more people will access the internet via a mobile device which includes job seekers. LinkedIn is creating partnerships with mobile tech companies to create better mobile experiences. Companies are optimizing their websites for mobile use (or at least they should be). Which begs the question; why not just apply for a job with your social media profile anyway?

When a job seeker sees a position that they are interested in, they are usually asked to register with a new recruiting firm, creating yet another profile on a recruitment site or careers page. Far too often, you can’t just simply apply; you have to go through their drawn-out process which requires you to create an account and upload your resume and you will get a bunch of emails to boot. That’s crazy – because that process is not designed to make it easier on the candidate, it’s designed to categorize resumes in someone’s database. That’s not how industry leaders operate.

HCL Technologies have come up with an innovative approach where we are making sure that there should be no running around here and there. Just tweet and get a job on twitter. For more details why don’t you search #CoolestInterviewEver on twitter or log onto-

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