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Posted by adairsawyer on February 2nd, 2014

We use large quantities of water daily, but many times we forget that this is a precious resource which we shouldn’t waste. An optimal way to control the volume of water we use in our homes every day is by buying water meters. A water meter is very useful in determining monthly consumption of water for granny flats, strata units and water tanks.
There are water meters which measure cold water and there are special meters for hot water. Both are useful for a variety of domestic applications which use water. Basically, what these tools do is they allow you to control how much water you consume in your domestic setting. This is very important for people who, for example, live in apartment blocks. Public water distribution systems which connect communities send enormous quantities of water through pipes, but much of this water, both hot and cold, is lost through leaks and due to other problems. For apartment block owners, this means that they may have to pay for the leaks in the system as well as for what they consume, since the water meter at the water distribution facility registers only the volume of water it sends. Thus, having a water meter installed in your apartment is a necessity, in order to register exactly how much you consume and substantially reduce monthly water wills.

One type of meter is the volumetric meter, which ranges in size from1/2 to 2 inches. Hot and cold meters can also be electronic, and while commercial ones can reach 24 inches in size, domestic ones are usually half and 3/4 inch. The water meter you plan on buying should be appropriate for your type of application; there’s no need to stress out about getting the right type though, since meter producers and merchants will tell you which one is appropriate for your needs. Usually, water meters come with long warranties, about 12 months, but most products can be used for many years in a row, being simple devices which need almost no maintenance. The administrator of your apartment building should call specialized people to perform periodical testing of each apartment meter, which consists in determining if the speed of the recorder is consistent with the volume of water released during testing. Of course, you can just as well do this yourself, if you’re not tied to the water consumption system of a community.

Installation of water meters should be left in the hands of professionals. Before installing them, the water flow must be shut off. This small inconvenience will prove worthy once you’ve installed the meter. What is important is to choose a meter which offers accuracy and durability. You must also be careful where you will place these meters. Many people make the mistake of ‘hiding’ their meters from view and installing them in corners which are hard to access. You will need to check these meters often, so make sure that they are easily reachable and readable. Specialists will be able to give you details on the subject.

Water meters help measure water consumption in domestic activities. Install a quality water meter to control water usage.

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